My Newest Favorites

Aside from eating and traveling, my other hobbies would be shopping. I’m not that into shirts or dresses or clothes, but I’m a big fan of shoes. LOLZ! I can hold back myself not to overspend on anything except shoes! When I see the shoes I love and I didn’t manage to buy it, then I’ll start to keep dreaming about it and keep dreaming about it until I manage to do the savings and buy the shoes that I’ve been eyeing on. Few months back, when I past through this Alexander McQueen store, I was like getting drooled over this cool looking red-colored shoes. And after diligently saving up my every last penny, and lucky me that I got into this Black Friday discount season in certain airport, I’m finally able to buy it on a discounted price. >.<


The shoes come in with a combination of few other colors with white color, but since I’m a big fan of red and yellow, I choose the combination of red-white colored one. And, the store will normally give you another set of shoe laces, and let you choose the color of the shoe laces. I go for red, so I have a set of white laces and a set of red laces. =D


The other things that you would need to be aware is that the middle part of the shoes is slightly more narrow compare to the normal shoe style they sold, so you might want to try your usual number first before you decide to buy the usual one or go for one size bigger. Since I was more to the smaller side of 35, so I go for my usual shoe size, which is 35. At first, it can be slightly uncomfortable, since the middle part of your feet feel like being grabbed tightly by a pair of ‘hands’, but after walking for another minutes, you’ll feel normal again.

The shoe sole is pretty high, so if you’re someone who is concern about your body height, which I definitely am, (I’m 161cm and always struggling trying to look taller that I supposed to be lolz!) this shoes might be a perfect choice for you. Since I even look taller that my sister whose height is around 165ish cm without having to put in another additional insole. I normally put an insole in every pair of my shoes. It’s not that I feel inferior to my body height, it’s just that I love being tall. I’m still can proudly said out loud that I’m only 161cm when being asked.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the shoes myself. I love the model, love the red color, love how it make me looks taller than I should without having to put in another additional insole. So if you’re someone who is struggling on whether to buy or not to buy this model of Alexander McQueen’s shoes, I would suggest you to go for the ‘BUY’ option.

The second new favorite that I got from this season sale is a Gucci Men’s Wallet. I always love Gucci stuff, not their women stuff which I think is too bling-bling for my style, but their men stuff. Love their bees tote bag, and their tiger slip-on which I collected as well. I’ve always been eyeing on the snake-line stuff, but the stuff always comes out more expensive compare to the other line, and finally find something that not as pricey as their usual snake-line stuff, which is this simple yet delicate Men’s Wallet. TADA~!


If you ask me how was it. I would say it’s definitely a men’s wallet. Unlike wallet for ladies which normally has lots and lots of card place (might due to ladies normally would have their member cards, point cards, beauty cards, and everything inside their wallet). You only have 2 spaces for card. So you have to choose what to put inside really wise. And it fit in your paper money just nice, but there’s no additional space to put your coins, so you might want to consider to buy a coin purse as well, if you’re the type who like to separate between your paper money and coins. Since I’m the type who can just mix everything inside a wallet, I don’t buy any coin purse and just put everything I have inside. LOLZ! But I really love this wallet soooo much. It’s not that big, yet not too small. It’s so simple and so easy to brought here and there. AND! You can even put in your Iphone inside, since it’s designed to put in your money and Iphone at the same time.

If you checked on their website, then you would find that they sold the same wallet only in black color, and it’s a limited edition which only sold in Japan. So if you’re in Japan, and decided to buy the same model, you might want to consider to buy a black colored one instead of the normal brown color. Since the black one is limited edition~!

Are you going to buy anything for yourself this upcoming Christmas and New Year’s sale?

Happy Shopping~!

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