Manohra Cruise

Aside from eat a lot of food, strolling along the night markets and enjoying the beautiful temple, one of the long lists on what to do in Bangkok would be cruising along the Chao Praya River. And, so I decided to do so as well. Again, here come’s the question, which cruise should I choose from?

Basically most of the cruise provide the same route, what’s differentiate one cruise and another is basically the food they provided. Some provide Thai food buffet, while the other provide International food buffet, and you can even have the ala carte menu type if you don’t feel like having a buffet during the cruise. So, to make a decision on which cruise you’d like to have, you might want to base it on what kind of meal you’d like to have. And most of the cruise normally offer a night cruise, since the river’s scenery is super wonderful during night time.

Manohra cruise is one of the cruise that provides a rather unique type of cruising, because aside from having the night cruise which every cruise would have, they also providing a breakfast cruise. So you can have your breakfast while cruising along the Chao Praya River, which is a quite refreshing option I must say, since not many of the cruise company offer this kind of service.

I was actually planning to make a reservation for the breakfast cruise through their website, when I stumbled upon their ‘Sunset Cruise’, so basically and this cruise is not even being explained in their website, so basically when you get into the reservation page, then suddenly there’s an option on doing this sunset cruise. Since the option is not being mentioned in their website cruising menu, and I never found any information along the travel blogs I frequent, so I decided to give a try on this secret option they have in their reservation menu.

After making the reservation, at least one day before your cruising date, please make sure that the cruise management email you back with the confirmation email, unless it means that your reservation have not been confirmed yet. So going to the cruise terminal before getting the email confirmation will be a waste of time.

I got the email confirmation. The so-called sunset cruise will start at 5 PM and will only take one hour time, which I think is enough for me. Please note that the other cruise (the breakfast or dinner cruise) will take about 2 hours of journey. And for whatever type of cruise you’re having, please keep in mind that you’ll have to arrive 10 minutes early before the cruising time to do the check in. And since the traffic going down to this area can be pretty bad, make sure you depart real early from your hotel. The traffic from Chitlom area were really bad the day I went for the sunset cruise so I arrived like around 4.56 PM.

The Manohra Cruise port located inside the lobby resort. There’s two lobbies, one is on the upper side and the other one is on the ground floor. If you’re going for the cruise, then don’t tell your taxi to go up, but instead go for the ground floor lobby, since the cruise check in counter located in the ground floor lobby. And how lucky I am, that even though I arrived like 4 minutes before the cruise start, I still manage to check in and get on board.

What’s shock me is that, the only passenger on board is me. I think it’s because this sunset cruise option is not being explained and even not being mentioned in their cruise webpage, not many people really know about this sunset cruise. And it feels like I’m the queen which is being served by so many staffs since I’m alone on the boat, truthfully it feels kind of awkward but awesome at the same time. They even prepared for me a special seat in front with the sailor since I’m the only passenger on the boat. So I can get a clear view on the sunset and the river, I can take as many pictures as I love to take without having to share it with another person, since I’m alone. LOLZ. This could be really good.

Manohra 01
Orange Juice @ Manohra Cruise

And, another good thing is yet to come, when I’m on board, the staff explain to me that although their dinner cruise and breakfast cruise cost 1,500 – 2,500 THB per person depends on what food you choose, their sunset cruise is free of charge. Yes, you see it right~! It’s FREE OF CHARGE!!! You just need to pay the amount you order for the drink (there’s no food provided on the sunset cruise, so you only can order drinks) and that’s it. So it’ll be completely free of charge if you don’t order anything. That’s kind of shocking to me though~!

I came knowing that the cruise didn’t offer food for the sunset cruise, but they didn’t even mention anything about the cruise charge when I make the reservation and when I get the confirmation. So I thought they would at least charge me around 500~700 THB for the cruise fee including one drinks, but it was free. I did order a glass of orange juice and a glass of pineapple juice though, since I really love the fruit juice in Thailand. So in the end I paid around 200 THB something for the drink and the beautiful sunset cruise, which I think is really wonderful, or you can say cheap for a cruise price. Not to mention I had the boat all to myself. And, since I get on board for free, I also left some tips for the staffs who’ve been serving me, since they all really did a decent job.

So, if you’re on a budget trip but you want to enjoy a real decent cruise, I think Manohra Sunset Cruise is definitely the right choice for you to choose. Or even if you’re not on a budget but you don’t feel like having a meal while cruising along the river, or maybe two hours cruise is too long for you and you’re looking for some shorter time, then Manohra Sunset Cruise is definitely the answer. I’ll definitely choose their sunset cruise again if I’m back in Bangkok.

Thank you for giving me a such good cruising time~!

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