Travel to Gumi and Andong Part 3

After having a full set of meal and trying out some of the breads in Mammoth Bakery, I decided to visit Hahoe Village in Andong, which is quite popular among the locals. Andong Hahoe Village has been popular since the dynasty time for producing mask, especially their well-known local mask, which is call 탈 (read : talI). And if you came during weekend (Fri to Sun) then you’ll be able to watch their mask performance which is being performed from 2 PM to 3 PM. It’s something quite interesting to watch, I must say. So if you’re able to arrange your time, don’t forget to come by and see the performance! Even if you’re not able to see the performance, roaming around the village itself is really something to see. There’s also this mask museum right in front of the bus shuttle station which you can visit if you’d like to know more about the original mask around the world.

Andong Mask – Mask Museum

I tried out one of the mask in the museum, lol. Aside from the dance performance show, roaming for around 1 to 1,5 hour would be enough to visit almost every corner of the village. Well, unless you’d like to take a little short break here and there while walking around the village, then you’ll have to schedule for maybe around 2,5 to 3 hours to visit the village. I went back to the downtown by taking a city bus which located right across the mask museum, you might want to check on the bus time schedule so you won’t have to wait too long on your way back to the downtown, since the bus only come once every 30 minutes. So if you check the schedule beforehand then you’ll be able to arrange what time you’d like to finish the walking and wait at the bus stop.

Okya Restaurant

So if you’re a fan of cow intestines and blood just like me, then you definitely have to visit this restaurant called Okya Restaurant (full address : 307 Ogya-dong, Andong). This restaurant is said to has been here for many years and they only sells two menu which is Yukgyejang and Seonjigukbab, but their favorite and recommended menu which makes them famous is the ‘Seonjigukbab’ (Seonji = Cow blood, Gukbab = Rice with Soup). It didn’t look scary or unappetizing at all, so even if you haven’t tried this yet before, I really recommended you to try at least once in your life.

Seonjigukbab at Okya Restaurant

After it is being served don’t forget to put in lots and lots of chopped garlic into the soup and add a little of chili if it’s not spicy enough for you, then I guarantee this will be the best dinner menu you’ll have in this neighborhood. And, their last order is around 7.30 PM, since mostly they’re out of stock after that time, so make sure to be quick to grab a bowl. And if you feel like having it at home, no worries, you can ask for a takeaway menu as well (the takeaway menu will cost slightly different, since you’ll have to choose between medium or large size).

The next day before going back up to Seoul, I’ve decided to try ‘Beef Ribs’ at Munhwa Galbi which has already been here since 1970 and still going strong. If you have much time for the day, then you can just came by anytime and wait on the long queue. But if you’re in a rush like me (I have to catch on a 3.45 PM bus that day), then I’ll recommend you to stay at the YAM Hotel which located just a few steps away. Once the check out time is up (around 11ish), go down and start to wait in front of the restaurant like what these people did.

Andong Beef Ribs
Andong Super Famous Beef Ribs

Why? Because the owner will only receive the customer batch depends on how much the ready stock left in the kitchen. So around 12 pm when they open the restaurant, the first batch will be around 7 groups of customer, and that day I was the lucky seven! Phew, otherwise, I won’t be able to wait for the second batch and would have to go back to Seoul without being able to try this famous beef ribs. And even after grouping the customer into the first seven table of customers, you’ll still have to wait for another 20 minutes for them to get ready on the side dishes. Oh, and the minimum order of each table is 3 servings, so don’t get surprised if you’re told to order 3 servings even if you’re here by yourself.

Beef Ribs Andong
Beef Ribs

The beef ribs has been marinated beforehand, and what’s so special about this beef ribs compare to the other place is even though they taste slightly a little bit bland at first, but the meat juice were so yummy and addicting that you won’t be able to stop. I ate 5 portions that day, even normally I only be able to eat up 2 portions in the other restaurant. And even when you’re full and decided to stop eating, there’s this feeling of missing this beef ribs already. Most of you might feel like ‘this is so exaggerating!’ while reading my posting right now, but tell you what, this beef ribs is absolutely the best beef ribs I’ve ever had in my life. The price is quite pricey KRW 25,000 per portion, but can be consider as slightly reasonable since the beef is Hanwoo (korean beef) which normally will cost minimum KRW 40,000 per portion. But since I won’t be able to go down to Andong so often, once a while eating this super yummy pricey stuff is okay.

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by Guidemi

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