Korean Scandal : Jang Ja Yeon – Part 2

If we’re not too focus on Jang Ja Yeon, and yet turn a little bit our attention to Lee Mi Sook, who is one of Ja Yeon’s senior in her talent agency, then maybe we might be able to get a clearer light on what’s actually going on. Things started when Yoo Jang Ho (Ja Yeon’s ex-manager) moved out from Kim Jong Seung’s (Ja Yeon’s ex-boss) company and started his own talent agency, which recruited Lee Mi Sook to move to his new talent agency. Nothing seems wrong, unless Lee Mi Sook’s contract with her previous agency (Kim Jong Seung’s company) was not over yet when she moved to the new agency opened by Yoo Jang Ho, in other words Lee Mi Sook breached the contract with her previous agency.

On the first part of the posting, we were looking back to one week before Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide, but on this second part, we will be looking back to three months before Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide. Lee Mi Sook moved to Yoo Jang Ho’s new agency and signing the contract with him dated on January 2009, even though her contract with her previous agency should be ended on December 2009. Here we can clearly noted that Lee Mi Sook has breached the contract, whether she did it intentionally or unintentionally. And here’s where all the problem started. Kim Jong Seung who found out about the contract breach tried to warn Lee Mi Sook, saying he will bring this up to the court.

Then, Lee Mi Sook contact Jeong Se Ho PD, who was believed to have a closed senior-junior relationship with Kim Jong Seung. Since Jeong Se Ho PD is more senior, it is believed that Kim Jong Seung listens well to Jeong Se Ho PD. Therefore, Lee Mi Sook called him out and told him that Kim Jong Seung has a breach in contract and ask for his help to talk things out (not in a good way) with Kim Jong Seung. Instead of blindly trust Lee Mi Sook’s word, Jeong Se Ho PD called Kim Jong Seung and asked him what was actually going on. After hearing Kim Jong Seung’s explanation on how Lee Mi Sook signed a contract with the new agency before her previous contract is over, and since by that time Kim Jong Seung is no longer the shareholder of the agency, he said that he has no power to help out in whatever the way it is, even if he wanted to help. Jeong Se Ho contacted Lee Mi Sook back and told her that the story he listen from Kim Jong Seung’s version is different.

Since Lee Mi Sook couldn’t get any help from Jeong Se Ho PD, she texted Yoo Jang Ho on 27th February 2009, 11:28 AM and asked him out for dinner later on that night. After meeting up with Lee Mi Sook on 27th February 2009, the next day (28th February 2009) Yoo Jang Ho contacted Jang Ja Yeon and meet up with Jang Ja Yeon that day. This is the day when Jang Ja Yeon wrote the hand written documents, which later on well known to be her ‘suicide notes’. The day after (1st March 2009) just like what have been mentioned on the first part, Yoo Jang Ho took this hand written documents and meet up with Lee Mi Sook at Ilsan, before going back to Seoul and meet up with Jang Ja Yeon again later that night.

After the meeting of Yoo Jang Ho and Lee Mi Sook on 1st March 2009, Lee Mi Sook called Jeong Se Ho PD several times from 1st March 2009 to 2nd March 2009. Based on the statement given by Jeong Se Ho PD to the police, the conversation went on something like this way:

LMS : Jang Ja Yeon came to find me and cried a lot. She wrote something on a A4 paper together with Yoo Jang Ho, and there’s your name on how you asking for her to accompany yourself on a golf trip to Thailand.

JSH : Didn’t you go for a golf trip with me too before? JeongXX (Lee Mi Sook’s ex-boyfriend) also come with us that time right? I’ve always went to Thailand for golf for 10 years, how can I say no to people who want to come with me?

LMS : What’s written here (Jang Ja Yeon’s hand written document) is really shocking. Kim Jong Seung listens to you well, you better see what’s written here and tried to do something about Kim Jong Seung.

Then the next day, Lee Mi Sook called Jeong Se Ho PD again, telling him that Yoo Jang Ho will take Jang Ja Yeon along and meet up with him so that the three of them can have a talk. Not long after that, Yoo Jang Ho texted Jeong Se Ho PD to meet up saying that he will be taking Jang Ja Yeon with her, along with the documents, where Jeong Se Ho PD replied by saying that since his schedule is kind of hectic, he was suggesting to meet up on 9th March 2009 afternoon instead.

On 7th March 2009, Yoo Jang Ho texted Jang Ja Yeon at 03:34 PM saying that she should come with him to meet up with someone on Monday (9th March 2009). Two hours after this text is being sent, Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide.

From here we can make a guess that everything started from Lee Mi Sook has a contract breach, and she seem like trying to use Jang Ja Yeon’s statement to blackmail Jeong Se Ho PD into helping her to solve her problem with her ex-boss which is Kim Jong Seung. Kim Jong Seung and those powerful names who can’t be mentioned might be the bad guys who force Jang Ja Yeon for a sexual bribery and sexual assaults, but from my point of view Lee Mi Sook and Yoo Jang Ho were not good either. They were trying to use Jang Ja Yeon to solve their own problems, which could be actually leading to Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide. And, what’s more Lee Mi Sook insists on never see the hand written paper and not knowing about the hand written paper during the police interrogation. Meanwhile Yoo Jang Ho saying that he never shown the hand written paper to Lee Mi Sook as well. If Lee Mi Sook don’t know that the hand written paper is even existed like what she said, then how can she “blackmail” Jeong Se Ho PD with the so called ‘Jang Ja Yeon’s statement’ into helping her?

Do you believe that she’s saying the truth? Or is there any other thing she tried to hide?

by GuideMi

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