Looking Back at Jang Ja Yeon Case – Part 1

During a recent CCTV footage by dispatch, a woman can be seen visiting an office located in Songpa District on 28th February 2009, 05:34 PM. After 3 hours and 30 minutes, where the time shows at 09:46 PM, a man who is wearing a hoodie sent the woman downstairs. And at 11:57 PM, the man leaves the office while holding a bunch of papers (said to be the hand written documents by Jang Ja Yeon). The woman inside the elevator is the late Jang Ja Yeon and the guy wearing a hoodie is Yoo Jang Ho, late Ja Yeon’s ex-manager in her previous agency.

It was one week before the late Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide, and what could be happening between both of them?

The next day (1st March 2009), Yoo Jang Ho seen in the elevator holding a bunch of papers, which is said to be the hand written documents which is written by Jang Ja Yeon on the night of 28th February 2009. This day, Yoo Jang Ho, went to Ilsan to meet up with Lee Mi Sook who was filming her drama at that time (The East of Eden), and then he went back to Seoul, Sinsa-dong to meet up with Jang Ja Yeon, this can be seen from the text message sent on that date at 08:29 PM written “I am at Sinsa-dong now, where are you?” to Jang Ja Yeon.

But of course, when giving the police statement, he stated that he did not show the documents written by Jang Ja Yeon to Lee Mi Sook. He stated that he never show the document to Lee Mi Sook. He stated again that he only told Lee Mi Sook that seems like Kim Jong Seung (ex-boss of Jang Ja Yeon’s agency) still doing bad things to new celebrities, which in reply Lee Mi Sook tell him to go to Jeong Se Ho PD for discussion.

The next day (2nd March 2019) at 09:43 PM, Jang Ja Yeon was seen to take the elevator and go up to the office. This time Jang Ja Yeon has no sign of depression or sadness, she even take the elevator with a smile on her face (based on the police record on the CCTV footage). Then at 11:57 PM, Jang Ja Yeon leaves the office alone. At least up to this point, it seems like that Jang Ja Yeon still has no thought of committing suicide, since based on the police investigation with Miss Lee (Jang Ja Yeon’s friend), it is said that on these dates Jang Ja Yeon still tell her that “The matter can be solved properly. Yoo Jang Ho called me up to the office, he said that he is preparing a police report on Kim Jong Seung, he told me to write down what has happened to me all this long and he will give me my identity guarantee and I will be able to get free from my contract as well. So, I just got back from writing the documents,”. Miss Lee said that she replied her by asking how could she (Ja Yeon) just believe what other people said to her and signed the hand written documents.

This so-called hand written documents was a 4-6 pages hand written A4 papers, which is later being reported as Jang Ja Yeon’s wills. But in fact, these so-called wills letter are the documents which is being written a week before her death in the office together with Yoo Jang Ho and not her wills, like how it has been reported all along. And this fact has also been confirm by Yoon Ji Oh, one of the witness who recently come out to speak out on this case.

What is written in this hand written documents were lists of what has happened to her during her contract term with Kim Jong Seung’s agency company. There are several requests from several persons (name was being censored) who told her to come out and accompany them for drinks or for sexual bribery. And when she rejected to do the sexual bribery what was happening next is the sexual assaults. There’s one time that the ex-boss (Kim Jong Seung) got drunk, locked up the door and hit her repetitively with a bottle. But out of so many names in the list, there is this one point we need to take note, since this one name will then correlate with the other witness.

“I was called to go to Thailand to accompany a PD (name not mention) who was going to Thailand for a golf. I was told to accompany him and if I refused to do so I would have to go around with my own money and I was told to look for my own car rental,”

Who is this unnamed PD in the list? We will leave that to the next posting.

Back to how the so-called will letter looks strange, is how she write it using a formal speech sentence (based on her elder brother and sister that she never used those kind of writing style), and she also write down the date 28th February 2009, her national identity number, and she signed the hand written papers. So who writes their national identity number in their will letter?

And based on Professor Lee Soo Jeong of Gyeonggi University’s professional opinion, this kind of sentence style and format cannot be seen as the ‘normal’ will letter. So the will letter indeed looks strange and is questionable. He added, “In her letter, there’s so much formal format sentence or naming such as ‘Director Kim Seong Hoon’, etc. This is more like a investigation report, or a reference statement,”

Aside from what Miss Lee has told the police that even though there’s a lot of request of sexual bribery, Jang Ja Yeon has never agreed to any of it. And when the police asked why the hand written documents was written as a sexual bribery. Miss Lee said that she thought it might be Yoo Jang Ho who ordered her to write so. Jang Ja Yeon’s elder brother and sister also added that the hand written documents look more like someone is dictating her to write so. In addition, based on Jang Ja Yeon’s elder brother’s statement, he said that he asked Yoo Jang Ho why the hand written document was being mentioned as Ja Yeon’s will letter in the interview, then Yoo Jang Hoo replied, “Because we have to kill Kim Jong Seung,”

On the last day of the late Jang Ja Yeon’s, Yoo Jang Ho sent her a message at 03:34 PM saying that she has to go with him to meet someone, and two hours later Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide. Who did she meet up with before her suicide? Why would she have to meet up with that someone?

… To be continued …

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