Easy LCHF Recipe : Chicken Wing

Chicken has always been everyone favorite, at least it has been my all time favorites. It’s delicious and it’s easy to made. So if you got bored with all the pork bellies or pork jowls you’ve been eating the last few days for your LCHF diet, then switching to something like chicken would be a good idea. I’ll be using an air fryer on this recipe, but you can use a fry pan instead to cook the chicken wing if you don’t have or do not prefer using an air fryer. Since air fryer is more convenient and simple, therefore I prefer to use the air fryer.

What you need?

8 pieces of chicken wing

3 table spoon olive oil

1 egg yolk (just the yolk)

1 table spoon paprika powder or chili powder (you can use more if you love spicy)

5 cloves of garlic, chopped

Salt and Pepper to your likings

6 drops of Stevia (to add a slightly sweet taste to the chicken)

For the ingredients above, you can adjust a little bit here and there to your liking, so you won’t have to worry about following everything above.

What to do?

First of all, you mix everything except the chicken wing. Mix well everything to a bowl, then put your chicken wings and mix it well with the sauce. After mixing it well, put it in the refrigerator for like 30-60 minutes. I put it inside for 45 minutes, while watching ‘Mind Hunter’ on Netflix. When you take out the chicken, you’ll realize there are some left over sauce dripping out from the chicken, so you might want to mix well one more time before start with the cooking.

LCHF Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing

My air fryer has a basket, so I put a cooking paper on the bottom of it, then arrange the chicken wings neatly while pouring the remaining sauce on the top of it. Cooking with frying pan might be a lot easier in determining when the chicken wing is ready to be served. But using an air fryer would be slightly a little bit tricky, since sometimes the top part of your food will comes out with a beautiful brown fried color, but the bottom side will still be half cooked, so make sure you mix and shake well during the process.

For me, I started out with 180°C for 8 minutes, take out the basket, flip the chicken wings and put it back then fried it with 200°C for 5 minutes. When I took it out again, the chicken has turned light brown but not brown enough to my liking. So I fried it for another 8 minutes in 180°C two times, by shake it and flip it in the middle of the process. After roughly 30 minutes of cooking with the air fryer, the chicken wing is finally ready to be served.

LCHF Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing

I served it with grilled eggplants sprinkled with a little bit of pepper, and a portion of tossed salad mixed with pieces of sweet potato and pineapples.

The recipe was super easy to follow as well right this time? Happy trying and happy diet~!

by GuideMi

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