Plastic Surgery for Dummies~

For the past few years, plastic surgery has become one of the alternative way to achieve beauty and perfection either for ladies or gentlemen. Since in the past few years, plastic surgery has become more and more acceptable to everyone, the people looking for this alternative way out has been increasing significantly all over the year. If 20 years back, most people would hide the reality that they did a little bit touch up here and there on their face, nowadays most people would just admit it and would even share some clinics information over the website if they think the clinic they went to did an excellent job. But of course I still see some clients of mine who prefer to protect their own privacy and some clients even give false information on the clinics that they went to (if they think the clinic did a good job), just simply so that their friends won’t be able to get a good result as them.

If few years back, people would discuss secretly on this topic, nowadays they basically just discuss it everywhere openly, even you have forums which dedicated only for plastic surgery lovers nowadays. And talking about plastic surgery, most people, or at least me, will instantly think about South Korea which creates you a Gangnam Style face, or Thailand which gives you a more affordable options on several procedure compare to those in South Korea. Unlike South Korea’s hospitals which normally have a dual pricing for local and foreigner, most Thailand’s hospitals provide a single pricing for local and foreigner, therefore the surgery cost is far more affordable compare to South Korea.

Regardless the price or whatever touch up procedure you’d like to do with your face or body, on my posting today I would like to share some general knowledge based on my experience working in a plastic surgery hospital what you need to prepare before your surgery and what to expect after surgery, so you’ll at least have some additional information which can help in doing your beauty journey preparation.

2 Weeks Before Surgery

Do not intake any vitamin E, Omega 3, or any aspirin medicine 2 weeks before surgery.

Reason : Because these items has a blood thinning effect. What’s wrong with a thin blood? It can cause extra bleeding during the surgery procedure and even after surgery. An extra bleeding during an aesthetic surgery can affect the maximization of the stitching procedures which believes can lead to a wound which won’t heal neatly and the surgery scar will be more obvious compare to what it should be. Some said that a small area of procedures like eyes or nose won’t really be affected by these, but still we won’t take the risk right?

Day Before Surgery and D-Day

Have a good night sleep and don’t feel stressed

Reason : Having a good night sleep and not feeling stressed during the D-day is one of the other condition to achieve a good surgery result. Because believe it or not a good night sleep and not feeling stressed can help to prevent the extra bleeding during the procedure. I’ve seen many cases on where the patient bleeds a lot if they feel stressed before the procedures.

Don’t put on any make up and nail polish (especially the gel type)

Reason : The make up on your face might cause unwanted infection during the procedures, beside the medical coordinator in the hospital will ask you to wash off any make up you have on your face before the surgery, so what’s the point on putting on any right? And for the nail polish, during the surgery you’ll have to wear a probe on your finger to read the oxygen level in your blood, but sadly this probe can’t read your oxygen level if you have any polish or artificial nail on.

No contact lenses, metal accessories (including piercing), jewelries, dentures

Reason : To prevent a corneal abrasion, during surgery, your eyes will normally go drier and it might cause scratches with the lenses if you’re wearing the during the surgery. While jewelries and any metal accessories should be take off to prevent any possible burn from the current which comes from electrocautery unit. If you have any dentures or braces on, please consult with your surgeon on this matter.

After Surgery

No drinking (alcohol drinks) and no smoking for at least 2 weeks after the surgery

Reason : it can helps you to heal faster after the surgery if you don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke, the result would be even better if you start to stop drinking and smoking even before the surgery. Besides, doing these after surgery can’t increase the possibility of excess bleeding after surgery and it might increase the chance on getting a serious infection. And please really keep this one in mind, I’ve seen one of my client who did a nose surgery being sent for a blood transfusion because she chunked up a bottle of whisky (after a big fight with her boyfriend next day after the surgery), which is a really idiot thing to do.

There will be major bruises and swelling

Explanation : Plastic surgery is not an express way to became a beauty either. If you think you’ll look like Miss A Suzy right after surgery, then you have a biggest misconception on what a plastic surgery is. You’ll have bruises and swelling all over the procedures area and it will spread to the area around the procedures area, so you’ll look like a monster after your surgery. Some clients even can’t accept the conditions and get depressed with the healing process. The best way out for this situation? Don’t even look into the mirror~!

After the major one, here come the minor ones

Explanation : Told you that the plastic surgery is one hell of a way, it’s definitely not an express way out like what most of the people think. After the major swelling and bruises gone, you still got to deal with the minor swelling. What is a minor swelling? Well, basically during the surgery procedures, not only the outer skin is being cut and stitched, even your inner tissue and even some tiny vessels and soft tissue are being cut and stitched, so basically inside they swells too and need time to heal too. Unlike the outer skin where you can see the wound is healing, you can’t see what is happening with the soft tissue inside and it definitely takes much longer time to heal (the faster one will be three months and the longer one will be six months, some can take up to a year). During this period you’ll be expecting a non symmetric shape of the procedure area, and a numbness around the procedure area. But don’t worry these will eventually getting better and better. How to prove it? Take a photo with the same pose once in a week, and you’ll notice the different of each healing stage through the photos.

Try to differentiate numbness and have no feeling at all

Explanation : It is normal if you feel numb or less sensitive in the procedure area after the surgery, because your soft tissue is swelling inside so they become less sensitive. But if instead of numbness, you’re not feeling anything at all after the surgery around the procedure area, you have to alert your surgeon immediately because it’s definitely not normal. Then normally the surgeon will do some test on you on whether is there anything wrong with the situation.

Aside from the points that I mentioned above there are still some minor things on like when you can do heavy exercises, when you can take shower, which normally will be explained to you after the procedures. But as long as you take notes on the points I mentioned above, it’ll definitely help a lot especially during the recovery process. Since it will be a long and tiring fight. If after reading the post above you think that you can endure the process then you’re welcome to proceed with your surgery, but if you’re hesitating, it will be better to stop and think about it one more time.

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