Eye Plastic Surgery

So we are back to my simple plastic surgery guide for beginners. Eye surgery might be one of the most common thing to have in the so many list of plastic surgery procedures. And this surgery not only suitable for youngster who might want to have a more perfect double eyelid line, but it is also suitable for someone who is looking for anti aging surgery. Since eye is the window to it all, believe it or not, just by retouching your saggy eyelid, it will definitely make you looks younger a couple of year (not looking younger by 10 years, that’s hyperbolic, but looking 3-4 years younger is possible).

So, if you’re considering to have an eye surgery, but don’t know where to start, you might want to see and consider from the list below:

1. Non Incision and Incision Method

So if you’re just looking for a basic double eyelid surgery without having your saggy skin being removed, then this one is the method you should be looking out for. Non incision method might be the cheapest one you’ll be able to find around the hospital, but it is non permanent, so after some time the eyelid line will go blur and it will just disappear (even when believe me the doctor / beauty consultant would say it nicely with words like semi permanent, so it won’t sound like this method is a permanent thing but with risk. Trust me, this one is not permanent at all). The incision method might be a little bit pricey, but it gives you permanent result in a way (because when you gets old and your eyelid skin goes saggy, it will cover up the double eyelid line and you will have to redo everything, but aging is a natural cause, so even when you find the best doctor, he won’t be able to do a thing), and the setback is you will get a visible scar left around your eyelid. Well, people won’t be able to notice it when you open your eyes, but when you close your eyes, you’ll see a fading line across the eyelid line.

Adhesive Method
Adhesive Method

So, the surgeons come up with a brilliant problem solving method, which can anyhow reduce the risk of the non incision method, while reducing the setbacks of having incision method, which is called Adhesive Method (Those clinics and hospitals will name it in a different ways which are partial incision method, double burial method, natural adhesion method, and blah blah blah, but everything is the same method, so… you won’t have to get headache over so many kinds of name out there). Adhesive method is making a micro hole throughout the eyelid line (it will be a micro hole, so when you’re healing, you won’t even be able to see the scar from the hole), and then the surgeon will put the thread back and forward throughout the holes, making it be able to hold the eyelid line even stronger compare to the non incision method, so it reduces the risk of the eyelid line getting gone after surgery (there’s still the risk, but it is being minimized by a lot compare to non incision method. But if you have a real thick eyelid skin, you better go for incision method, because adhesive method won’t be able to hold your eyelid line as well). And you get your beautiful eyelid line, without even have to worry about the surgery scars anymore, and good thing is it cost less pricey compare to the incision method.

2. Blepharoplasty

In commoners’ view, blepharoplasty might just be the same with what you have with eyelid surgery incision method. But for those who often go back and forth the plastic surgery clinic, then you’ll know there’s a tiny different, where in the incision method they won’t remove your saggy skin, but in blepharoplasty, they will remove your excess skin so that you can say goodbye to your saggy eyelid and say hello to your new fresh younger looking eyes. Since it’s not only your upper eyelid skin that can go saggy, but as well your lower eyelid skin, so blepharoplasty is basically being divided into two types upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty. It will definitely leave you a scar, but an experienced surgeon will be able to place the incision line in a very exact location, that your scar won’t be that visible to commoners (the other surgeon or maybe nurse will still be able to find the scar, but it will be hard for others to notice on the scar, so you won’t have to worry a lot).

3. Ptosis Correction

You might ever heard of it a lot. But what is exactly a ptosis correction? To put in simple, it’s a corrective measure being done to your weak eye muscles if you have one. Do I really have to do this as an add on to my eyelid surgery? The answer is depends on. Do you have difficulties in opening your eyes wide as in real wide? When you open your eyes widely, do you use your forehead muscles instead of your eye muscles a lot? Do you hear people say your eyes looks sleepy a lot, even when you’re not feeling sleepy? If the answer to all the question is “YES”, then you need one.

With or without Ptosis Correction
With or Without Ptosis Correction

Will it affecting my eyelid a lot when I don’t want to have the ptosis correction even when I have weak eye muscles? You can see on the picture above that when you have a weak muscles, even after you get the eyelid surgery, it still looks sleepy and not beautiful. But, once the ptosis correction is being done, then you’ll have an even prettier eyelid line. So, I would say yes, it will affect the results of the eyelid surgery if you don’t do the ptosis correction when you have weak eye muscles. You don’t want your pain to go in vain right? So, when the surgeon recommends you to do the ptosis correction cause he/she says you have weak muscles, then maybe you would want to consider having one.

4. Canthoplasty

There’s a lot of canthoplasty, there’s this epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, med canthoplasty, and a few types more. But whatever it is, this is definitely the surgery needed if you want to get your eyes look longer and/or wider. And sometimes it is also necessary when you consider having an out-fold eyelid line.

Outfold Eyelid
Outfold Eyelid Line

But, before pushing your surgeon into doing this canthoplasty, you might want to discuss it first in details with your surgeon, because not everyone can do this surgery just because they want to have it. Unlike the other type of surgery mention above, canthoplasty (all types of canthoplasty) only can be performed if your eyes have the requirement for it to be done.

Infold Eyeline
Infold Eyelid Line

How about if I keep insisting my surgeon to perform me the canthoplasty even when my surgeon says that my eyes don’t have the standards to do the canthoplasty surgery? One thing for sure, your eyes will look strange. It will either look too big or too long for your face proportion. Or your eyes will either looks like an ET eye. If you’ve ever seen someone eyes looks too big after the surgery (I’ve seen a lot in mainland Chinese girls), then they might be having canthoplasty when the surgeon told them not to.

So, above are some basics info on types of surgery you might be seeing a lot or hearing a lot when you’re having consultation in a plastic surgery clinic. Be sure to choose the method wisely, and don’t just blindly follow what the clinic consultant told you to do, because sometimes they’re just trying to sell their surgery, which means more money to the hospital. If you’ve any queries, you can either write on the comment section or you can e-mail me privately if you not feel comfortable sharing your questions with lot of people.

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