Easy LCHF Recipe : Pork Egg Pizza

So, during my LCHF diet, there’s this sudden urge where I miss eating pizza so much. But pizza might be one of the kind of foods which is being listed as ‘OFF-LIMITS’ while you’re on LCHF diet. In the end, I decided to try out something which (at least for me) looks slightly similar to pizza, changing the dough with eggs.

What you need?

150 – 200 grams of pork sliced thinly

200 grams of cabbage (you can exchange this with any other vegetables options you’d like to have)

8 green chilies (I liked it spicy, but if you don’t like spicy stuff, then you can take this out of the recipe)

3 eggs

50 grams of fresh cheese (or cream cheese)

Salt and Pepper to your likings

A spoonful of cooking wine (optional)

What to do?

First thing first, chop the cabbage (or whatever vegetables you prefer to have) and slice it thinly, as well as cut the green chili into small pieces. I use the kitchen scissor to cut the green chili since it will be easier to do. Then you put the cabbage, chili and pork slice into the fry pan, then sprinkle a little salt and pepper on it. I like my cabbage to be real soft and easy to chew so I put it in with the pork on the same timing, but if you prefer your cabbage to be slightly crunchy then you might want to start with your pork before add up the cabbage later on.

Pork Egg Pizza

After the pork color started to change, put in a spoon of cooking wine to make it more fragrant, and another thing is that with a spoonful of cooking wine, the fry pan will be easier to clean later on since the food won’t stick on it. But it’s totally optional, so if you don’t have cooking wine at home, don’t worry, you still can make this menu.

Pork Egg Pizza

After the pork meat is cooked and the cabbage get softer, then you can put in the eggs and spread it evenly throughout the pan. You can either have your egg scrambled or not. I don’t really like scrambled egg, so I just simply spread it around the fry pan like in the picture. I sprinkled a spoon of olive oil before putting in the eggs though, so that the egg won’t stick to the bottom of the fry pan.

Pork Egg Pizza

Flip it over to make sure the egg and pork is being cooked well up and down. And once the cabbage color turned slightly brownish, you can take it out of the fry pan and put it on the plate.

Pork Egg Pizza

Since it should be a “pizza”, don’t forget to spread the cream cheese or fresh cheese (I prefer fresh cheese, since it taste better with savory foods) on the top of the Pork Egg ‘Pizza’. And that’s it. Easy and fast to prepare, and most important thing is the combination of pork and egg and cheese? It’s good!

By Guide Mi

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