Easy LCHF Recipe : Mini Pork Patty

Another easy recipe to make~! I’ve been having grilled things straight for a few days, before deciding to change my menu a little bit, or else I’ll feel sick eating the same menu all over again. I was actually going to make a meatball, but since I can’t use the flour in the menu because of my diet, the texture and the taste turns out to be more like a patty than a meatball. LOLZ!

What you need for the patty?

200 grams of pork meat (I prefer the jowl part since I like the texture of jowl meat, but if you prefer something which has more fat then maybe you can change it into pork belly)

10 cloves of garlic (thinly sliced or diced, it won’t matter anyway since we will mix everything up in the end)

3-5 green or red chili (if you don’t like spicy food, then you can take this one out of the ingredients list

green onions (depends on how you like it, since I notice some people don’t really like to mix green onions in their food)

2 pieces of medium pieces of sliced pineapple (shred it thinly so it will be easier to mix afterwards)

2 egg yolks (the yellow part only!)

What you need for the sauce?

Depends on what you prefer, you can prepare the sauce by mixing a spoonful of fresh cheese with sauteed garlic and chopped green chili, spread it over the cooked patty and eat it together.

Or, you can prepare a small cup of soy sauce, then put a little chopped green chili inside, stir well so the spiciness will come out in the soy sauce, dip the patty to the soy sauce before you take a bite.


Mix every ingredients for the patty (except for the egg yolks) in a bowl or food container or whatever you have in the house.


Mix everything well and left it for a few hours in the kitchen before you start to do the next step. You can just straightly going on for the next step as well if you’re not the patient type to wait. It’s just that if you left if for a few hours, then it’ll taste better.


The next step would be using a mixer (since I love to drink self made juice, I have a set of mixer which can be used for grinding meat and stuff as well) to mix and grind the ingredients until it become soft. And then put in the egg yolks and stir well using your spoon. At first the ‘dough’ will feel too soft and sticky, but after a while it will still feel soft but no longer as sticky as before, that’s when you know you’re ready to fry the patty.


Since I’m not the type who can cook very well (you can judge by the shape of the patty that I make) and since that the patty will only be eaten by me, so I don’t make a pretty shape of it and just anyhow shape it with two spoons and threw it into the fry pan. Once you notice the below part of the meat turn color, you wait for another 1-2 minutes before you flip.


Do the same for the other side of the patty and flip it back and forth for a few times until it turn brownish. That’s when your patty is ready to be served. For the vegetables I prepared a grilled red pepper, along with grilled mushroom and pineapple to eat along with these patties. =D

Good luck trying and I bet you guys out there can make a better taste and a better shape meat patty than I do.

by GuideMi

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