Easy LCHF Recipe : Fried Pork Spare Ribs

It’s been a while since I update a post on LCHF Recipe, because I’ve been busy doing trial and error cooking on how to make this one~! I’m a big, huge, enormous fan of pork spare ribs (PS : Basically I’m a big fan of any types of food, except fish-related). And, after getting bored with pork belly and stuff, I started to find another alternative to do my LCHF recipe, since I have to keep it going on. LOLZ~! My jeans number has go down by 1 number after 3 months of LCHF diet, so I am really motivated to keep this going on. And, after circling my neighborhood mart for the whole day, I finally lay my eyes on the spare ribs.

What do you need for Fried Pork Spare Ribs?

600 grams of Pork Spare Ribs (250-300 grams would be enough for one portion, but since it is time consuming to make this one, I normally cooked for two portion in a time, so that I can save up time)

양조간장 (read: yangjo ganjang), a brewed soy sauce (?) which is said to have almost 0 carbohydrate. I don’t know the exact name of this one in English, since I’m using the Korean product. I normally use 4-5 spoon, but this one will depends on how you prefer the spare ribs taste. This kind of soy sauce is a lot saltier than the normal soy sauce, so make sure you don’t pour a whole lot inside

A whole lot of black pepper

10-15 green chilies, cut into pieces using scissor

Stevia to give a slight sweet taste on the spare ribs, if you don’t have it at home, you can just cross this out of your list, since it doesn’t make a lot of difference

That’s it? Yes, that’s it. This recipe doesn’t need a lot of ingredients, but it is quite time consuming.


First thing first, chop every single ribs you have and mix it well with all the ingredients. If you chopped every single ribs for the seasoning, it will taste much better rather than not chopping it at all (I tried both method).

Easy LCHF Recipe Pork Ribs
Easy LCHF Recipe : Pork Ribs

Leave it for a few hours before you start to cook the ribs. But if you’re too lazy to wait, 30 minutes will be enough. And, on how to cook it, I tried to grill it, tried to use an air fryer and tried to fry it in a fry pan, personally, I thought that fried it on a fry pan give out the best result and the taste of the ribs.

Easy LCHF Recipe Pork Ribs
Easy LCHF Recipe Pork ribs

Grilled it for around 7-8 minutes on each side, make sure the color turn into brownish before you take it out of the fry pan and put it on a plate. Because it will taste the best on that color. I normally eat the ribs with a home made garlic cheese dipping, and green vegetables sprinkled with perilla oils. Yummy~!

This is probably the simplest yet the tastier recipe I’ve ever shared on my blog post~! LOLZ

by GuideMi

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