Miniso Thailand – Marvel Must Buy~!

If you’re a big fan of Marvel’s heroes, and if you happened to be in Thailand nowadays, then you should pay Miniso a visit to grab their Marvel-related goodies. Just like any other Miniso stuff, the price is reasonable, and the design is so cute. But note that NOT ALL MINISO IN THAILAND is participating in selling this Marvel-related goods. The one that I went to is MINISO MEGA BANGNA. And they have lots and lots of item which was so cute that you just want to grab and snatch everything home.

I spent almost two hours, putting everything I liked into a basket before I take a seat (yes, there is a long wooden sofa inside Miniso Mega Bangna where you can sit down and rest) and tried to sort stuff of which one “I really need” and which one that “I don’t really need”, because like buying every type of the thing inside would be too crazy, even for a Marvel (Ironman) fan girl like me.

Miniso Thailand Marvel 01
Ironman Mark 50 Miniso Thailand

Yes, yes, once you get in the store, you’ll find this huge figurine of Ironman welcoming you to take your time and see every Marvel-related stuff they sell, they have a really wide range of product with Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Spiderman characters. They have from daily necessities to infuser, sandals to bathroom decor, just mention what you’d like to find, and they have almost everything you have in mind. I don’t take picture on everything inside, but here’s a little sneak peek.

Miniso Thailand Marvel 02
Marvel Floor Mat Miniso Thailand
Miniso Thailand Marvel 03
Marvel Slipper Miniso Thailand
Miniso Thailand Marvel 04
Marvel Water Bottle Miniso Thailand

They have like five other different design of Ironman water bottle, and this one is actually the design that I like the most out of all. BUT! Considering on how hard it’ll take to wash the straw and the straw hole, I decided to buy my second favorite instead of this one. If only it don’t have the stupid straw and the stupid straw hole on the top of the bottle, I’ll definitely go for this one.

So with all this kind of cute stuffs around me, what did I decided to take home?

Miniso Thailand Marvel 05
Marvel Goodies Miniso Thailand

TADA~! Here are the stuffs that I’ve grabbed and decided to take home. Starting from here there will be bunch and bunch of pictures~!

Miniso Thailand Marvel 06
Ironman Floor Mat Miniso Thailand

I was actually hesitating between the Capt Armor and the black color mat with ‘Marvel’ written on it, and I almost bought three of them, but after a very long and calming of meditation, I decided to buy my most favorite one, the Ironman~! Long live Ironman~!

Miniso Thailand Marvel 08
Spiderman Sock Miniso Thailand

They actually have other more characters, the sock come in two pairs per type, but for this one, I decided to let go the Ironman – Captain America and go for Ironman – Spiderman instead. The spiderman has the best design on the socks out of all.

Miniso Thailand Marvel 09
Marvel Clear Folder Miniso Thailand

Okay, since I’m coming back to school (language school), I definitely need this one. There are two colors, light pink and red. I bought two of the reds, just because I don’t think pink color they used to design the clear folder go really well with Marvel logo.

Miniso Thailand Marvel 10
Ironman Water Bottle Miniso Thailand

Yeah, so this was my second favorite out of the other design. It still have the straw in it, it’s just that when you decided not to use the straw and take it out from the bottle, they come with a cute long hat to close up the straw hole on the top of the bottle, so yeah you can just take it anywhere without having to worry about the drinks leaking out of the hole on the top of the bottle. Oh, and it’s BPA free too~!

Miniso Thailand Marvel
Marvel Notebook Miniso Thailand

Okay, I don’t actually need this, but I have a hobby of collecting mini notebook / agenda whenever I see one. So, I decided to go on with this one. Beside this, they also have the agenda which came out with a more cool looking skin, but I love this one more.

Miniso Thailand Marvel 11
Ironman – Captain America Cutlery Set Miniso Thailand

I don’t need two sets of the cutlery set, but both of them are so cute that I can’t decided on which one to choose, so I decided to buy both of the sets. I personally think that the Spiderman and Captain Marvel’s set are quite cute too, but since I’m a bigger fan of the Ironman and Captain America duo, so I easily decided on which one to let go and which one to buy home.

Miniso Thailand Marvel 13
Ironman Mug Miniso Thailand

And the same goes for the mug, Ironman is a must have item for me. But, the Captain America’s mug came out real cute as well!! I have a really hard time to decide on which one I should let go. I definitely won’t let go Ironman because I’m the biggest fan of the character, but the Captain America came out too cute to ignore and put it back to the rack. So, I decided to go with the Capt too! Tee hee!

Captain America Mug Miniso Thailand

So, do you happen to be in Thailand? Are you a big fan of Marvel? Do you want to get cute items for reasonable price? If the answer is yes! Then you should go visit Miniso right now. And even though, I’ve mentioned it above, just in case you don’t read it carefully, not every Miniso in Thailand is participating in selling Marvel stuff, the one that I went to is Miniso Mega Bangna. I tried to go to Miniso Terminal 21 in BTS Asok for another hunting time, hoping I could bought another good stuff home, but I went there disappointed to find out that there’s not a single Marvel stuff inside the store.

Happy hunting Marvel stuff~!

by GuideMi

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