Parasite’s Jjapaguri Recipe

Have you watch the “Parasite” which received an award in 2019 Cannes Film Festival? If you’ve watched it then you’ll definitely seen the scene where the Mom request an Jjapaguri with Hanwoo (a real expensive Korean Beef). Jjapaguri is type of Korean Ramen, but the Mom request to put a beef steak as the topping to the ramen, showing how luxury a person can get even with just a portion of cheap ramen.

Parasite Steak Ramen
Source: Google

But of course today’s I’m not here to babble about this wonderful movie, which makes me feel heavy and depressed after watching it. I’m going to share on how to make this simple yet delicious Beef Steak Ramen.

First of all, what is a JJAPAGURI (짜파구리)?

It’s one of the popular ramen combination in South Korea, which I learned how to make one during my working years in Seoul. So, it’s a combination of Jjapagetti (짜파게티) and Neoguri (너구리). I’ll attach the picture below, so it will be easier for you to find one, just in case you want to go to the nearest Korean Mart to buy this ramen after reading my post.

Source : Naver

What do I need in this recipe?

1 Jjapageti

1 Neoguri

200-300 grams of Beef Striploins (you can change to other part of the beef if you’d like to)

4-5 cloves garlic

Olive Oil


What to do?

If you don’t like a too soft ramen, I would recommend you to boil it later on after you finish preparing the beef. But if you’re okay with soft ramen, then you start to boil the ramen first and put it aside while you cook the beef. Since I like my ramen soft, so I start with boiling the ramen. Remember to put in the flakes (not the powder) together with the ramen.

Parasite Beef Steak Ramen 01
Parasite Beef Steak Ramen

Put in both of them at the same time, and after it gets slightly cooked (don’t over cooked it, it will be better if you under cooked it a bit), and once it’s slightly cooked, pour out the water and put it aside.

Then, cut your beef into small dices. Heat some olive oil, and once the olive oil is heated into a medium heat, put in the beef dices.

Parasite Beef Steak Ramen
Parasite Beef Steak Ramen

Sprinkle some salt on it then stir it well every now and then so that it won’t burnt on one side. Once it get half cooked, put it the sliced cloves garlic. You can put less than what I mentioned in the recipes if you don’t like the garlic. But you’ll definitely need it a little to make the beef smells good.

Parasite Beef Steak Ramen
Parasite Beef Steak Ramen

Remember not to overcook the beef, because I always prefer to have my beef more on a rare side. Lolz! After you get how you like your beef done, put the cooked ramen inside the fry pan and put in the powder. Don’t put both powder inside, since the best combination will be 1 pack of Jjapagetti powder with 2/3 pack of Neoguri powder. Too much of Neoguri powder will make your ramen taste too salty, but well if you love to eat salty things so much, you’re welcome to put a whole pack of Neoguri powder on it.

Parasite Beef Steak Ramen
Parasite Beef Steak Ramen

Put 5-6 spoon of water to the fry pan and mix it well. I will recommend to do this on a low heat if you don’t like your ramen too soft, but since I prefer it soft and muggy, I used a high heat when mixing everything. Don’t fry it for too long, like 20-30 seconds would be enough on a high heat.

Parasite Beef Steak Ramen
Parasite Beef Steak Ramen

TADA~! And now you’re ready to have your Beef Steak Ramen / Beef Steak Jjapaguri like the one in movie Parasite. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I really recommend you to do so, since this movie is really wonderful, even though you’ll feel really really depressed for a while after the movie ends. But the plot twist, the characters and the actors are really brilliant!

Happy eating and watching~!

by GuideMi

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