Im Si Wan’s New Drama – Strangers from Hell

After a series of cliche, non-interesting plot K-Drama, finally I found another newest worth watching K-Drama (Korean Drama). An adaption from a webtoon with the same title, Strangers from Hell (타인은 지옥이다 the title literary means : Hell is Other People), even though up to episode 4, the story details kind of different compare to the webtoon version, but either the webtoon or the drama is really captivating.

I’ve already finished reading the webtoon, though if I might say it might not be a happy ending, but that’s definitely a suitable ending for how the story progressed. I won’t spoil it here, just in case they have the same ending for the drama as well.

Even before started reading the webtoon, I’ve already anticipated this drama since there’s a news that there’s going to be Im Si Wan’s new drama after his military service. I’m not a fan of Im Si Wan, but objectively speaking, I would say he is a really good actor (even better than his singing skill I think, even when he’s actually debuted as a singer). I’ve watched most of his movie and drama, and I would say every his drama and movie that I watched is superb.

And, after watching the first four episode (it’s going to be a 10 episode long drama if there’s no change on the plan from the production team, you know how the PD love to add episodes when the drama is doing exceptionally well), once again Im Si Wan did not disappoint me with his drama.

It’s a story surrounding people who stay in the same goshiwon (a really small room with bed and table, where normally Korean people who are preparing for the bar exam used to stay and concentrated on study, though nowadays people who didn’t earn enough also stay in this kind of place because it is really cheap. I also stay 6 months in this place when I first come to Seoul), with basically the two main characters are Im Si Wan and Lee Dong Wook (remember Gong Yoo’s Goblin?).

Yoon Jong Won – Im Si Wan

Hell is Other People
Im Si Wan as Yoon Jong Won Source : Naver

Im Si Wan plays a role of a young man in his mid 20s who came up to Seoul because he got a work in his senior’s company. With goals for better life and plan to move into a better housing after getting his first few months salary later on, he came up to Seoul and tried to search for the cheapest available place to live for the time being, at least until he get to save his salary for a better options. Unlike his expectation, the housing in Seoul (even a mere goshiwon) is much more expensive than he had ever imagined, so when he came across Eden Goshiwon with monthly rent of only KRW 190,000 (it’s almost impossible to find now in Seoul!!), even with the super not okay environment and facilitation of the place, he decided to hang on and stay in the goshiwon for few months. And this is where the story starts.

Im Si Wan’s character in this drama did not have the nicest and perfect personality like most of K-Drama’s main character would have. He’s grumpy, sometimes cannot stand his emotion, suspects everyone around him easily, thinking something else inside his mind while putting a poker face upfront and some other bad traits that a normal person would have, which make it easier for viewers to relate to his situation. Because the personality that he shows in the drama is basically just most of the bad traits of people nowadays. I would say he portrayed Yoon Jong Won’s character even better than how the webtoonist describe Jong Won’s character in the webtoon which tends to be kind of hyperbolic and depressing, makes it seems more like a real person compare to the webtoon’s unrealistic character.

I can’t wait to see how Im Si Wan is going to develop Jong Won’s character in the drama, and can’t wait to see the ending of the drama as well! Since the story details and some of the plots is different from the webtoon, hope the production team can impressed me with a brand new ending and not just blindly following the webtoon’s ending! LOLZ

Seo Moon Jo – Lee Dong Wook

Strangers from Hell
Lee Dong Wook as Seo Ma Joo Source : Naver

What? Why Lee Dong Wook didn’t look like his usual character? Because he is not your usual character here, and I definitely impressed with this kind of set up from Lee Dong Wook. On the day time he is your sweet and patient neighborhood dentist, but he’s actually hiding a really dark secret inside himself, which makes the plot to become more and more interesting. Since it’s a no secret (the drama it self will reveal it on the end of first episode), I will just SPOIL it here. Despite his sweet and good dentist image, he’s actually a psychopathic killer who live along with others in Eden Goshiwon. When you watch his scene, you’ll definitely has the same thought with me. How come he acted so psychotic and give a unspeakable frightening vibe with his cute smile, white glowing skin and red lips? Or is it all these features on his face that makes his psychotic traits seems more psychotic? Because he just like the psychotic killer in real life, looks normal in front of others, but deep down he is more evil than everyone you’ve ever met.

I never really enjoy Lee Dong Wook’s drama, even his most famous K-Drama ‘My Girl’. Because most of the time he always plays that same cliche main character that is tall, cool, handsome, rich and blah blah blah, just like every other K-Drama’s main character. But not this time, he might still be a successful dentist in the drama (the webtoon is another setting for this character) but he has this psychotic traits that he expressed very well through his acting in the drama, which makes him look even more adorable than his usual character, which makes this drama even more worth watching. (Even though my all time K-Drama still the crime drama ‘Signal’)

So, with these two handsome actors who possess a great acting skill and with an interesting plot really makes this already worth watching drama even more worth to watch!

Happy watching Strangers from Hell!

By GuideMi

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