Signal Miryang Gang Rape

Another episodes of Korean Drama Signal is the Miryang Gang Rape case. This case started in June 2003 where Choi (was 14 that year) get to know Park (born in year 1986) through an online chatting, and they maintain the chatting relationship until they decided to meet up on January 2004 in Miryang. And here is where the problems begin. As soon as she arrived at the promised spot, Park hit Choi with a steel pipe on the head, and she was being gang raped by 12 person when she’s unconscious. As if it’s not bad enough, there’s a female student (friend of Park) who take a video of the raping process with her phone and a cam recorder.

They used the video to blackmail Choi and keep calling her out, where every time 7-10 male student will gang rape her in different location, starting from motel, tennis court, etc. What’s worse, they even sometime put in things into Choi’s genital, and they did all that just for their own amusement.

Next part, they even blackmail Choi to bring another two girls (one is her younger sister who was 12 year old and the other is her cousin who was 15 year old that time) with her to the location. This part I would say Choi was so bad to do so. She might be scared, but that didn’t mean she can just anyhow harm other persons and make them as miserable as herself. With a total of 44 students gang raping and taping them for almost every week for 1 year, Choi finally lost her mind and tried to suicide by taking 20 sleeping pills at a point, though she was able being saved by the emergency team. Her auntie who was taking care of her that time, realize that something is off and finally able to get her talk about the gang raping. They decided to report this to the police on 25th November 2004.

Miryang Gang Rape Police Detention
Miryang Gang Rape Source :

And as if the police was able to help at that time. Due to the police carelessness, they opened up the victim’s identity, making the suspects’ parents go and attack the victim and victim’s family. Out of 44 students, only 7 are being imprisoned, 3 are being indicted without detention, 20 are being sent to juvenile court but later released after being stated not guilty (WTF?!) by the court, and the victim lost the right of arraignment for another 14 because they wait in front of the victim’s class and house, terrorizing her and her family every day and night to get a consent agreement from the victim by only paying her KRW 50 million (roughly USD 41K).

Miryang Gang Rape Protest Action
Mass protest at that time asking for the rapists to be punished heavily Source :

What’s worse is that not only the police was careless enough to leaked the victim’s identity, they even blamed the victim for being a ‘naughty’ girl, and she’s the reason why the male students were gang raping her. This is why we can’t believe most country’s police, sometimes they don’t even bother to help you when they should serve their country’s people helping them to fighting off bad guys. And the police’s attitude towards the victim, which makes the suspects’ parents dare to push and terrorizing the victim and her family day and night. Worse is they don’t even feel regret or sorry at all, this is how they answered the press when they’re being interviewed.

Miryang Gang Rape Rapists Mother
Suspects’ Mother’s reply in an interview

Box 1 Left : Why should I feel sorry for the victim?

Box 1 Right : Why should I? Don’t you ever think that the real victim right now is us?

Box 2 Left : The parent should raise their daughter well. They should raise her well, and shouldn’t let this kind of thing (gang rape) happen to her.

Box 2 Right : When a girl coming wagging her tail, every boy would definitely fall for that…

Box 3 Left : This is not fair… I understood the situation but…

Box 3 Right : The people don’t talk not because they don’t have mouth.

So from her words, we definitely know that she didn’t feel sorry and even feel like her son and herself are the victim here. Yeah right, when someone rapes you and the rapist is the victim, what a wonderful mind this lady have here.

Miryang Gang Rape's Rapists Uncensored
Miryang Gang Rape’s Suspects

And while the victim still live her life in depression, the suspects of the gang rape live a content life up to today, which is totally unfair! Here are the girls who record and leaving a supportive comment to the gang rape’s suspects.

Miryang Gang Rape Shameless Rapist
The suspects and the girl who posted supportive comment for the suspects

The girl on the top left wrote a supportive comment for the suspects and is the friend of the suspects, some of the netizens even find out that she still maintain a good relationship with these suspects, even when she openly write an apology letter saying that she has left everything behind and did not have relationship with the suspects anymore. She wrote the apology letter because netizens found out that she is being graduated and successfully become a policewoman, and I wonder did she really even meant it when she said she was sorry. Because despite she said she didn’t have any relationship with the suspects, she did in fact still maintain a good relationship with them.

Miryang Gang Rape Police Woman
Her name is Hwang Seon Mi

Even after a serious complaints from the people who complaints how come the police let an individual who supported the gang rape’s rapists suspect to become a member of the police, the police didn’t even think of getting rid of her. She even got into a promotion!!! Yes she was promoted! This is another reason why we can’t believe the police even more. >.<

Miryang Gang Rape Supporter
Rapists Suspects’ supporter is being promoted

This is the reason why sometimes I feel like being a bad person will make your life more successful. I rarely seen a good person get a good life and good ending. But bad person always live a good successful life. LOLZ Oh, aside from this, one of the Miryang Gang Rape’s rapist suspect has just appeared in one of the BJ’s video and this video got a really hot response and swearing because the BJ who claimed that he didn’t know a thing let the rapist suspect to appear in his live streaming video.

Miryang Gang Rape Suspect and BJ
The BJ and the rapist suspect

In the end, with the new president who appears to do his job really well up to this point, I really wished that he would order the prosecutor to reopen this gang rape case and let all the rapist suspects to get the punishment they should have. Ah, and also to strip off the police title of the rapist suspects’ supporter.

By GuideMi

5 thoughts on “Signal Miryang Gang Rape

  1. That’s really fucked up. Korea’s justice system should get their shit together, how do you arrest 44 people, have them identified face to fave by the mf victim, KNOW that they were part of a gangrape and release almost all of them???tf?? Bruhhh ALLLLLL that trauma that the victim had to go through was for nothinggg literallyyy for nothing , it was just for sauce.
    Miryang police officers, you took an L on this one my dudes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s really fucked up. Korea’s justice system should get their shit together, how do you arrest 44 people, have them identified face to face by the mf victim, KNOW that they were part of a gangrape and release almost all of them???tf?? Bruhhh ALLLLLL that trauma that the victim had to go through was for nothinggg literallyyy for nothing , it was just for sauce.
    Miryang police officers, you took an L on this one my dudes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Baru nonton gong ju.. Terus dapat artikel terkait cerita asli.. Manusia kadang memiliki moral yang lebih buruk dari binatang.. Saya rasa benar hukum diamanapun atau di negara manapun selalu lemah terhadap uang.. Persetan dengan uang.. Persetan dengan kelompok pemerkosa dan yg mendukungnya.. Semoga hidup kalian sang pemerkosa akan merasakan hal yang sama juga.. Aku berdo’a untuk ketidak selamatan kalian terkutuk lah kalian


  4. Totally agree with the writer that this case should be re-open to put all those rapists in jail for life. Can’t believe how real Korean police handle this case. I like watch crime/action police/prosecutors Korean movies, so I have very positive view in the Korean legal system, but after watching “Han gong-ju” and stumbled upon this article made me so mad and my fan-girl view of Korean just crumbled. How could a country that produced so many beautiful romance dramas protect such criminals like those animal rapists and have no real legal system to protect the victims? How come not enough Korean stood up to make a change ? Now I know Korea will be one of the first country I will NOT visit and will encourage other to do same.


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