Sushi Masa Bangkok

Last week, when I browse through the list of Bangkok’s Japanese restaurant in Trip Advisor, I came through a restaurant called Sushi Masa. The same name as the famous Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, best known for their fresh ingredients made sashimi, sushi, temaki roll, and some other Japanese style seafood dishes. Therefore, holding in my mind that this Sushi Masa Bangkok is the same one with the one I used to visit in Jakarta, I decided to have my lunch at Sushi Masa Bangkok which is located in Thonglor 5.

It is located a little bit to the inside of the small alley, inside a restaurant with a quiet cozy atmosphere, next to another restaurant called Fondue (which I guess both restaurant must be owned by the same owner, since they have linking door inside the restaurant.

I ordered a Spicy Raw Scallop Temaki (I don’t like to eat raw fish, but other than that, I like to eat almost every type raw seafood), then a Scallop Grilled Teriyaki, not forgetting a set of Sashimi Sushi for my friend and a small bowl of Steam Edamame to eat while waiting for our order to come out.

The first one to come out is Scallop Grilled Teriyaki, and the moment it is being served on the table, I realized that this Sushi Masa Bangkok must be different from the one I had in Indonesia. They just have the same name, but not the same quality at all.

Sushi Masa Bangkok
Scallop Grilled Teriyaki – Sushi Masa Bangkok

Even before tasting out the dish, I feel disappointed once I saw the size of the scallop served. It’s like only half the size of what I had in Sushi Masa Jakarta. Yeah, since they have the same name (don’t whether they’re the same restaurant or not) I keep comparing what I used to have in Jakarta with what I have here. And the moment I took my first bite, my disappointment level even rose higher than just seeing the visual. It even taste not good and have that seafood smell when it’s not really that fresh. I believe Sushi Masa Bangkok won’t be serving not fresh ingredients to their customer, so I bet it’s just they don’t prepare it well enough?

Sushi Masa Bangkok
Sashimi Sushi Set – Sushi Masa Bangkok

The next one coming out is the sashimi sushi set, since I don’t eat sashimi, lolz, I reviewed this one based on my friend’s comment on the food. She said that the sashimi sushi she had in other sushi chain restaurant with a cheaper price is far more delicious than this one. I tried their Ikura Sushi though, and I must say though they’re not the best one I’ve ever eaten, their Ikura Sushi taste far more better than their Scallop Grilled Teriyaki. At least they don’t have the seafood lousy smell with their sashimi sushi set (My friend who tried both Scallop Grilled and Sashimi Sushi set also give the same opinion).

Sushi Masa Bangkok 03
Spicy Scallop Temaki – Sushi Masa Bangkok

Spicy Raw Scallop Temaki is the last one to come out. After having a bad experience with their Scallop Grilled Teriyaki, I was actually feel kind of hesitated to eat this dish. But since it’ll be such a waste not to eat it, I decided to gather all my bravery to try this out. Chomp! Oh? It doesn’t even have the bad seafood smell at all. Though the sauce did not taste good, but the raw scallop was quite okay I mus say. If you ask me where’s the best spicy raw scallop I’ve ever eaten, I would say at Oku Restaurant in Kempinski Hotel Jakarta. That’s really good, like 200% taste real delicious!

Taste : ♥♥

Price : $$$

Revisit : Nope

Location :


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