Umeno Cafe Mega Bangna, Bangkok

Recently I’ve been falling in love crazily on having a souffle pancake or anything similar on weekends as my dessert on my “cheating day”, which means the day that I don’t have to eat healthily. I realized that I need this kind of cheating day once every week. And this week I decided to spend it at Umeno Cafe which located in Mega Bangna, Bangkok. Actually it’s not the first time I’ve been passing this place, it’s been 6th month since I first saw this cafe and really wanted to try it out even just for once, because their pancake looks so yummy!

The first few months I was on a tight diet to loose my unwanted fat around my waist and thigh, so every time I walk past Umeno Cafe, I gathered all my will to closed my eyes and turned my face away from the tempting menus they had. But since I’m not on a really tight diet anymore, so this time (finally!) when I walked past Umeno Cafe which located on the first floor of Mega Bangna, I had the chance to open the cafe door, got inside the store and ordered a plate of Cheese Cream Lava Cake Taiwan Style, a glass of plain water and a glass of Yuzu Americano, then I went to take a seat and sat down nicely while waiting for my food to be served in front of me.

umeno cafe mega bangna menu

Actually, aside from their dessert menu, they also sell other main menus which you can choose to eat, and I think rather than their lava cake menus, their foods which make out of tofu is far more famous and delicious (I don’t try it though, I was just finished having my lunch before I got into Umeno Cafe) because besides me, every other table is ordering the tofu dishes and desserts (yes they also have desserts make out of tofu).

Umeno Cafe Yuzu Americano

The first one to come out is our Yuzu Americano, which looks magical and delicious at the same time. I stirred the drink and take a sip. If you ask me whether it’s okay or not. I won’t say it taste good, but I won’t say it taste bad either. It’s just right in the middle. I was expecting something more from this unique combination, but it just doesn’t turn out right. It might be the proportion of their ingredients, since I’ve had the same drink in a coffee shop which located right across from the Wattana Panich Beef Noodle, but it taste really good, like the best coffee I’ve ever had (eventhough I don’t drink coffee too often). But not with this Yuzu Americano, something is off but not until to the point that you wanted to throw the drink though.

Cream Cheese Lava Cake Umeno Cafe

The Cream Cheese Lava Cake came out this way. You’ll have to pull the plastic off to let the cream cheese roll down and the appearance of the cake will then change and look like below:

Cream Cheese Lava Cake

So the cream cheese lava cake Taiwan style is basically the cream cheese lava cake topped with the Boba bubbles, yeah, Taiwan is really famous for their Boba drinks. And they also topped it with the kuromitsu sauce. I was going to complain when I take my first bite because it didn’t taste anything like a souffle pancake, but then I realized they never said anything about souffle pancake in their menu. Yes, it’s just a normal cake topped with cream cheese lava cake and boba bubbles and kuromitsu sauce, not forgetting whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

Does it taste delicious? Well, I would say that’s all was the combination of what will taste really good, but problem is there are too many sweet things that make it taste too sweet. I ended throw away their whipped cream and ice cream because I feel like throwing up eating all these sweets (and I would say that I’m someone who really like sweet desserts but this is really too sweet, even for a sweet-tooth like me). Other than that, I must say the cream cheese sauce is really good, like better than the other souffle pancake cafe in Bangkok where I’ve been through.

If I’m not craving for a souffle pancake by the time I was having this lava cake, I would say they did a pretty decent job on their dessert. But too bad I still want my souffle pancake more. LOLZ! Though I really truthfully think their cream cheese sauce will really work well with the souffle pancake I’ve had at Souffle&Souffle Pancake around Thonglor area.

So overall, I would say that I have a pretty good time having my dessert at Umeno Cafe, I would really come back for another round when I miss some good cream cheese related cake, but maybe next time not with this crazy sweet Taiwan style, but will go for either their green tea cream cheese or just their original cream cheese lava cake.

Taste : ♥♥♥

Price : $$$

Revisit : Yes, when I miss something cream cheese related, but nope for their coffee

Location :



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