New Korean Drama : My Country

There are a lot of new Korean dramas coming out the first and second week of this month, I followed everyone of them, but the one that surprisingly catch my attention and have me keep waiting for the new episodes is this drama called My Country. After finishing the Im Siwan’s new series, Hell is Other People, which ended up pretty well although I’m kind of disappointed with how the PD makes the stories’ detail change so much, I’ve been watching several new series Melting Me Softly (Ji Chang Wook), Vagabond (Lee Seung Ki and Suzy), The Tale of Nokdu (Kim So Hyun), The Lies Within (Lee Min Ki) and My Country.

When I first see the main actors name of these dramas, I don’t put really much hope in My Country drama, or I should say I have the least hope in this drama. The main actor and second male lead are relatively new actor which don’t have a successful past drama / movies, meanwhile the female lead, Seol Hyun (yes! the beauty Seol Hyun) eventhough she’s really pretty herself, but she has been quite famous for her not so good acting skill in Korea.

But surprisingly, this time they make out a really good combination. Aside from the first male lead, the other actors and actresses make a really good job in taking this drama into another level. I would like to give the script writer a thumbs up too, the script writer put in a lot of good quotes and makes the conversation feels really smooth and not too draggy, which I must say a pretty hard thing to do. So, who are the actors that came out in this drama? I would start out with my favorite characters to my least favorite character in the drama (Sorry, Hwi, you’re going to be the last one).

Jang Hyuk as Lee Bang Won

My Country Lee Bang Won
Jang Hyuk as Lee Bang Won (source: Naver)

Yes! My favorite character is Jang Hyuk’s Lee Bang Won. Not that I’m a fan of Jang Hyuk, but he really portrays his character pretty well (this is the second time he portrays Lee Bang Won) in every of his acting, and this one too. He came out with a really messy style in episode 3 and 4, but whenever his scene is up, I just couldn’t take my eyes of the TV screen. His voice, his way of interpreting Lee Bang Won’s character, and his dialogue in the drama (the last one we should also thanks the wonderful script writer as well) mixed out a good combination. I really can’t wait how his character is going to develop in this drama. I believe I won’t have to worry too much that it would go south ways since Jang Hyuk always able to play every of his character pretty well. Just in case you don’t know, Lee Bang Won is the third king of Joseon Dynasty, who is also the father of the Great King Sejong. A lot of historians believe that Sejong should thanked his father who is a tyrant, great politician, strategist and bla bla bla for setting up a powerful foundation so that Sejong was able to have his prosperous and peaceful Joseon Dynasty at his time, which in return letting Sejong had more time to dwell in other things beside political things, which let Sejong have a lot of time to invent the Hangeul (Korean Character), and some other invention which is useful for the Joseon’s life at that time.

Woo Do Hwan as Nam Sun Ho

Woo Do Hwan My Country
Woo Do Hwan as Nam Sun Ho (Source: Naver)

Our second male lead is my next favorite character, regarding his role as the antagonist (?) of this series, Woo Do Hwan makes a pretty decent job to portray his character. A son of a low rank concubines, which faced a difficult life and was being raised under the shadow of his ‘higher status’ elder brother who died when he’s young, makes him grows to become an ambitious young man. But at the same time was reluctant after every time he did something wrong to his best friend. Which in conclusion makes me despise him for being a bad person he is, but at the same time makes me admire him for that ambition and keep wanting to strive out for the better attitude he had in his mind. He’s the cool bad guy character I’ve come to like so far when watching Korean sageuk drama (a.k.a Korean Period Drama). Because normally they’re just either hateful asshole bad or disgustingly bad, but this one is a definition of cool bad, or should I say bad with style?

Kim Seol Hyun as Han Hee Jae

Seolhyun My Country
Kim Seol Hyun as Han Hee Jae (Source: Naver)

Up next is the female lead in the drama, played by Kim Seol Hyun. I must say even though she’s really pretty, she looks better in a modern style rather than in a sageuk style. In my opinion, Kim Tae Hee still holds the prettiest face which suitable both in modern style and sageuk style, no wonder Rain falls head over heel for her. But, despite having the image of not having a good acting skill, I would like to give a two thumbs up for her in this drama. Even though it’s not a superb acting like Jang Hyuk’s or a cool newbie acting like Woo Do Hwan’s, she able to act naturally and didn’t make the watcher feel awkward at all even when she has to do the acting with veteran actor like Jang Hyuk. (unlike Suzy’s acting in Vagabond which feels so unnatural to watch). And with her pretty face and sweet voice, you basically just can’t ignore her whenever she shows up on the screen.

Yang Se Jong as Seo Hwi

Yang Se Jong My Country
Yang Se Jong as Seo Hwi (Source: Naver)

Even though he is the main character of the drama, I have to say that he is the least appealing character out of all (at least at this point of the drama, I don’t know how his character will develop in the future, but up to episode 4, his character is definitely the least appealing). Maybe because all the characters in the drama has their own ‘thing’ while Yang Se Jong’s character, Seo Hwi, just like any other main character in a sageuk drama, having injustice episodes of his own, parent with a wrongful death, but despite that he is really good and excel in almost everything, which makes it quite cliche with any other main lead traits in a sageuk drama, and this might be the reason why his character is the least appealing out of all. But still, even though he is the least appealing character in the drama, but his acting is still worth watching, though there’s nothing really special to make note of it, it cannot be counted as a bad acting for a relatively new actor like him.

Out of all the new dramas I mentioned above, My Country happens to be the most worth watching out of all. Good actors combined with good scripts and good acting skill make this drama really worth your while. Stay tune in Netflix every Friday and Saturday night to watch their newest episodes! Can’t wait for next Friday to come >.<

by GuideMi

4 thoughts on “New Korean Drama : My Country

  1. I agree with most of the points you made and the order of appeal of the characters. I like Hwi but not as much as the others. However, like you said, there is still time for his character to show more sides. This drama is so exciting!

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