F(X) Sulli Found Dead 14 October 2019

Sulli found dead 14 October 2019

Singer F(X) Sulli (Real Name Choi Jinli) has left us forever at a very young age of 25 year old.

Today the fire department of Seongnam District reported that they get a report by 3.20 PM (Seoul Time) and by the time they get to the place, Sulli was already dead in her own house. The first one to find Sulli’s body and reported her death was her manager (real name not reported on the news).

The police of the district is currently investigating on her death, and didn’t find any evidence that the case is a result of a murder. The current news reported that it was a suicide resulting from the depression which Sulli had been suffered with all these time. (She looks so bright and like she didn’t even care what other thinks about her, I never though that she was battling with the depression all this long.)

Sulli debuted through SBS-TV on year 2005, and since year 2009 has been actively be one of the F(X)’s member, until she decided to stop pursuing her singing career and focus on her acting career since year 2015.

Hope that she could rest in peace and wish that she’s in a better place now.

Source: dispatch

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