Bangkok Yakiniku Tan

When you crave for a good beef barbecue with a reasonable price in Bangkok then Yakiniku Tan here might be the answer. You can either order an ala carte menu or you can order a buffet set. The buffet set price has several options, where I would say if you’re not a fan of expensive kind of seafood, then there’s no point in ordering the most expensive type buffet set. And if you plan to get the medium price buffet set to eat their so-called wagyu, don’t do that! Because their wagyu beef is just so-so. It taste nothing too different with their normal beef. (Believe me, because I’ve tried the medium price buffet before just to have their wagyu, but after I tried their so called ‘lower grade beef buffet set’ it taste nothing different.

At first I thought it was just me who’s not really good in differentiating between a wagyu beef and a normal beef. But then, when I bring my friend who is an expert at having beef, he also said that the wagyu beef is nothing like wagyu. So, since then I always find myself ordering the cheapest buffet set every time I feel like eating a good beef barbecua for a reasonable price.

For the cheapest buffet set, you basically can have all type of the normal grade beef they have, salmon and some other seafood options, vegetable as a side dish, variations of soup, pork, chicken and what I’ve always love to have is portion of edamame, which I must say a really good kind of snack while waiting for your beef to come out.

As for the beef menus, I normally would have Harami, Karubi (Ribs), and Tan Shio (Salted Tongue). Lots of Tan Shio.

Karubi Yakiniku Tan
Karubi (Ribs) at Yakiniku Tan

This is the Karubi of the normal grade, and if you ever tried to order the medium price set / higher price set for the Wagyu Karubi, it basically really look and taste the same. So once again I’d like to remind you that there’s really no point in ordering the more expensive one. Even though I normally tends to like beef ribs very much (especially the grilled one), but in here rather than having their Karubi, having their Harami taste a lot better.

Harami Skirt
Harami or Skirt Steak at Yakiniku Tan

The Harami, or skirt steak in English, taste better than their Karubi. Especially if you’re someone who love to have lots of fat portion on your meat slice, then the Harami in Yakiniku Tan here will definitely be your style. Well, I really love the Harami, but too bad that my most favorite in this restaurant, falls for the TAN SHIO~!

Tan Shio
Tan Shio at Yakiniku Tan

Tan comes from Gyu-tan and Shio means salt, so in a simple word this is a plate of beef tongue sprinkle with salt. Tell you what, this part of the beef is definitely the most amazing, the tastiest, the smoothest part of beef you’ll ever have. And on top of it with a sprinkle of salt and grill it half cooked but not well done, then you put it in your mouth, it’ll just melt as soon as it touches your tongue. I notice some of my friends who came to feel disgusted when they know that this is a plate of beef tongue before they ate it. But, once they gather their bravery to try at least one piece of the gyu tan, then they’ll forget what is this and where did these slices come from. They’ll just keep chewing, keep grilling, and keep putting a new slice of tongue inside their mouth, as in they forgot that they said they hate this stuff and won’t be able to eat beef tongue like only 1 minute ago. Just for you to know, every time I come to this place, I will order 4 portion of gyu tan as a start for my tongue relay, and will add another two portion twice, which means in the end I’m able to chomp down 6-8 portions of beef tongue per visit.

I wonder how many beef tongue I had in my every visit. LOLZ!

Anyway the price and the taste of this place will depends on what kind of set you’re ordering for. A reasonable price for a good quality of food if you choose the lowest buffet price I must say. But if you choose anything than that then it will be too expensive comparing to the quality of the food that you get.

So do you know what you’re going to have for lunch tomorrow? It’s going to be YAKINIKU TAN~! They have several branches in Bangkok but I’ll just show the branch where I normally go since not only this branch is quite near to BTS, this branch has the cleanest and tidiest restaurant compare to the other I think.

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