Must do in Seoul 2019

It’s been more than a month since I last updated my blog. =D I was busy with work that I didn’t have time to research on new things, new restaurant to post on the blog. And what’s make me even busier is my trip to Seoul last November. I was planning to enjoy some autumn weather, but Seoul got so cold earlier than normal this year. The weather was below 0 degrees and it’s slightly snowing on my first night in Seoul. The second week felt much better (by a lot) since the weather was going around 8 – 14 degrees, the autumn weather that I’ve been wishing for.

Since I lived in Seoul for several years before, it feels more like coming back home rather than traveling in Seoul, but still I did some fun things and went to places like Myeongdong and Namdaemun Market (the places that I almost never step my foot at when I lived in Seoul) this time. So, as a not so expert Seoul guide, here’s a few things you can do when you’re in Seoul:

  1. Eat Marinated Raw Crab in Bongsun’s Marinated Crab
Marinated Raw Crab Guidemi
Marinated Raw Crab

Definitely one of the most must try food when you’re in South Korea. This marinated raw crab taste slightly salty and spicy, with it’s super juicy and sweet flesh. Tastes best when you eat it with rice (the nickname of this dish is ‘Rice Thief’ because it makes you eat rice more than your normal portion) and rather than having it in a Michelin Award Winner’s restaurant located around Samcheong-dong, the best place to have Marinated Raw Crab is at Bongsun’s Marinated Raw Crab restaurant, located within walking distance around Kkachiul Station.

2. Michelin Award BBQ Pork

Geum Pork
Geum Dwaeji Sikdang

This Michelin award winner pork BBQ located around Yaksu area (you can either go from Yaksu Station Exit no. 3 keep walking straight and you’ll see the restaurant on your left hand side or you can came out from Cheonggu Station Exit no. 1 keep walking and you’ll see the restaurant on your right hand side). They won a Michelin for their pork meat quality which is said to be juicy, chewy, and tasty. They sell their pork for 16,000~17,000 KRW per 1 portion, which I must say pretty expensive (normally pork cost around 8,000-10,000 KRW per 1 portion in Seoul). And does it really tastes so good? It is juicier and tastier than any other pork BBQ I’ve ever had around Seoul, but it’s still not worth for us to pay 16,000-17,000 KRW for this kind of quality. Unless you’re a pork meat super mania, otherwise there’s no reason to eat pork BBQ for this price.

3. Low and Slow by Don Spike

Low and Slow Brisket
Low and Slow Brisket

The restaurant is owned by song writer cum food enthusiast, Don Spike, who always love to cook good food. The restaurant that located in Itaewon area, is one of the favorites in Seoul right now. So if you happened travel to Seoul, remember to visit this place. The place opens from 5 PM to midnight, but take not that normally the brisket and ribs (they only have two menus with a all you can eat salad bar) is going to be sold out at around 9-10 PM. So you have to come early, take a queue (the queue is using an electronic ticket, so after you get the number, you can just walk around and check your queuing status on their website), and wait for your turn to be seated.

I got the last table when I reached this place, so I was considering myself lucky. LOLZ. Didn’t get to eat the ribs because they don’t have anything left, so just manage to try the brisket instead. It tastes even better than what I’ve even imagined and I wonder how they ribs taste like. I definitely will be back here if I got a chance to to taste the ribs.

4. Rent a Hanbok and walk around the Palace and Hanok Bukchon Village

Hanbok at Hanok Bukchon Village
Hanbok at Hanok Bukchon Village

It was such a challenge to wear Hanbok in this kind of weather, because even though it should be a fall weather, the temperature that day fell below 0 degree Celcius, and with the strong wind that keeps blowing, I wonder how we managed to walk hours, like almost 3 hours with only wearing Hanbok.

5. Having a warm red bean dessert at Samcheong-dong

Red Bean Porridge

Aside from Hongdae and Idae, which always been my favorite spot in Seoul. I would say Samcheong-dong is my next favorite spot where you can see how the traditional old Seoul and new modern Seoul combined perfectly. They have a lot of beautiful cafes with traditional theme. They also had a lot of good traditional dessert cafe which they sell inside a modern cafe. And they have a lot of Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant in this area, say for example the Raw Marinated Crab restaurant, Hwang Saeng Ga Noodle (I think the broth of the noodle soup tastes really good and clear, but the noodle is a little bit too overcooked), and The Hanok that Smith Like (스미스가 좋아하는 한옥) which is a Italian restaurant inside a traditional Hanok house.

When you travel to Seoul what thing do you like to do the most?

by GuideMi

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