What to eat around Yaksu Station?

I could say that Yaksu Station (약수역) is one of the strategic place in Seoul, which can takes you to several places in minutes time. You can conveniently go to MyeongDong, Dongdaemun, Seoul Station, Itaewon, Hapjeong, Apgujeong, Sinsa and several other major place in Seoul. I really enjoyed my last stay in this area, and would like to give a little tips on what you can found around Yaksu Station to make your belly feel happy. So, what to eat around Yaksu Station?


Geum Dwae Ji Sikdang (literally means: Gold Pig Restaurant)

Geum Pork
Geum Dwaeji Sikdang

Yes, yes, this restaurant is one of the restaurant that is being awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand. They only sells pig (as you can see from their restaurant’s name), so if you’re looking for some halal food, then maybe this restaurant will be a big no-no for you. Frankly speaking the pork tastes slightly better than the other pork restaurant, but still the price is kind of over rated (at least in my humble opinion). Though even with the overpriced menu, there’s still a long queue you can see everyday in front of the restaurant, so I bet most of the customer might find it worth trying / eating. Though for me, coming here once is enough, just to taste how a Michelin Bib Gourmand’s pork taste like. If you’re coming to Seoul for traveling and would like to at least try once on how a Michelin’s pork meat taste like, then I’d love to recommend you to go to the restaurant.

백채 김치찌개

Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae (Baekchae Kimchi Soup)

약수역 백채 김치찌개
Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae

What’s unique about this place is that if you wait more than certain amount of time, then they’ll give some complimentary add-ons for your Kimchi Soup. Yes, you’ll have to queue to get a table here, but the queue won’t be too long, because the staffs (I think they’re family members because they look alike) work efficiently. It only takes me less that 10 minutes to get a table. Since they only sell one main menu (Kimchi Soup), basically you’ll just have to tell them how big the soup portion you’d like to have, then in no time, it’ll be served in front of you. Wow right~! If you think it will be too bored by eating a Kimchi Jjigae, I would recommend you to order a cheese omelette as your side this, because their cheese omelette tastes really good. And not only this restaurant tastes good, it also wort your money! (Not too pricy but with good quality~) Definitely worth a try when you visit this area.

Address : 370-107 Sindang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Hobak Sikdang

Hobak Sikdang

It’s not that this restaurant taste super wonderful or anything. but one thing for sure since this place opens 24 hours, if you happen to be around the neighborhood during late hours and can’t find anything to eat, then this can be one of the options. They have ala carte menu and grilled meat menu, but take note that their ala carte menu only available on weekdays! Their grilled meat menu can’t be considered as price friendly (the cheapest with good quality grilled meat in this neighborhood still owns by 새마을식당 SaeMaEul Sikdang), but their ala carte menu worth the money. There’s used to have one Hobak Sikdang around my office in Apgujeong area, where I really love to enjoy my lunch there with only KRW 5,500 for a Rice Bowl. But now, I expected it’s going to be at least KRW 6,500-7,500 per bowl. Yeah, inflation can be a scary things.

Address : 154 Dasan-ro, Sindang 4(sa)-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Maeb Dori Tang (literally means Spicy Dalk Dori Tang)

If you don’t know what’s a Dalk Dori Tang is, you can visit here for a simple explanation. I’ve always love this menu when I lived in Seoul, but it’s kind of hard to find Dalk Dori Tang restaurant, more over a restaurant which sells good Dalk Dori Tang, but after so many years of finding and hunting, I finally found one that really worth the try. This restaurant sells lots of combination on the Dalk Dori Tang, but still the one that taste best is the original one (most recommended)! And you can choose the spiciness level of the food, if you can handle spicy just nice, I’ll recommend a 1.5 level of spiciness. This should be good enough for you to enjoy.

Address : South Korea, Seoul, Jung-gu, Sindang 2(i)-dong, Dasan-ro, 155-1 1층

명랑 핫도그

MyeongRang Hotdog

I know this might not be a proper meal, but if you happened to feel just slightly hungry but don’t feel like to chomp down something heavy that this place is really recommended. You’ll have to wait a little bit to get your order done, because they fried it when you place the order. Despite the low ratings on google, I still think this place is really good. The shop keeper might seems scary (her face looks kind of grumpy), but believe me, she’s really nice. She copes basically with every request you’d like to have, from a little more sauce sachet when you do a take away, and many more. I tried almost everything in the menu (yes, I eat one – two times every day when I lived in this area) and I think what’s best is their sweet potato mozzarella hot dog, and their mozzarella cheddar hot dog. YUMMY!

Address : South Korea, 신당동 374-10번지 1층 3호 중구 서울특별시 KR

Last but not least I would really like to recommend my airbnb’s host on this visit. He’s responsive and his place is really good and homey, I’ll definitely will come back here if I got the chances to visit Seoul again. Even though it might be a little bit hard to find the place on your first visit, but overall, I would really rate this place a 5 star. =D The place looks better than the photos.

by GuideMi

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