[K-Drama] Crash Landing on You

After finishing K-Drama “Chocolate”, I’ve been into this new K-Drama Crash Landing on You, played by Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin lately. With a little bit mix with political, murder mystery thingies, the romantic comedy turned into not so cliche K-Drama and make you feel sweet, head over heels, yet feel intense at the same time.

Crash Landing on You
사랑의 불시착

Even though the situation in North Korea was so non sense compare to the reality, but with Hyun Bin’s good look and Son Ye Jin’s pretty face, everything is forgivable. Since it’s a romantic comedy drama, I hope that it will have a happy ending, since I don’t know how they’re going to unite two people from South and North to give the drama a happy end.

Crash Landing on You
사랑의 불시착

Not only the main actors, the supporting characters around the main actors have a really cute personality that definitely make the drama even more interesting and not boring. What’s even more is they have Kim Soo Hyun as their cameo~! Even though I prefer to have Kim Soo Hyun in another separate drama as a main, but well, since he hasn’t got any new drama to sign for, seeing him as a cameo here and there is a good choice as well.

Crash Landing on You
사랑의 불시착

While the second male and female lead who’re supposed to be very wicked, even look cute at their own way and look really cute together. Personally I think Seo Ji Hye look more elegant and beautiful compare to Son Ye Jin in the drama. Lolz! And since there are so many fans are rooting for the second lead, the story writer changed the story line and started to build up the love line between this two characters since last night episode. Can’t wait to see what’s they’ve got for them~!

by GuideMi

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